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#Music #Science #Technology

MuST is a foundation aiming to initiate, support and/or stimulate projects/research in the field of music, science & technology, with an emphasis on creating artistic added value and connecting musicians (composers, performers, etc.) with scientists, engineers, researchers, tinkerers, technicians and other interested parties.

Music with sensor technology

MuST supports the music with sensor technology project I'm working on. Check out the videos below for some first impressions :

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This part of my webpage in under construction. So have a little patience please. If you like to know more about the compositions and arrangements I made, please contact me. For some recordings check the 'Media'-section below.



Compositions & arrangements

play Intro (Black Fanfare)

play Binary Digits (live)

play Wals van Fantasie (live)

play Bass Clarinet Disco Inferno

play Waltz No. 2 (live)

play Havana (Camila Cabello)

play Concertfinale - incl. H.V. HornQuartet by Henny Veters

Live performances & recordings

play Memorias (pedro Iturralde, live)

play Mensch, durf te leven (Dirk Witte)

play Flying in the Wind (Loes Reiling, live)

play Freedom (Racoon)

play Improvisation in an empty loft



Intro (Black Fanfare) Play Button
Zucht 2 Play Button
Ontketende Vrijheid Play Button
Ontketende Vrijheid Play Button

Compositions & arrangements

Beeld van Koudewater Play Button
Wals van Fantasie Play Button
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Leaning Bench Play Button
Three Canonic Pieces Play Button
Havana Play Button

Live performances & recordings

Freedom Play Button
Flying in the Wind Play Button
Aulos Play Button
Havana Play Button
Parliament of Reeds Play Button
Memorias Play Button
Black Play Button
The Kaleidoscopic Pocket Hockets Boogaloo Play Button
Three Canonic Pieces Play Button
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This part of my webpage in under construction. So have a little patience please. If you like to know more about the upcoming events, please subscribe to my newsletter or contact me.


As you probably already know, I'm an Eindhoven (NL) based clarinet & bass_clarinet teacher. I have a private teaching studio in Microlab at Strijp-S. If you want to have a free(!) trial lesson, please contact me (scroll down for contact details).

Duration Under 21 years 21 years and older
30 minutes € 30,00 € 36,50
45 minutes € 45,00 € 54,50
60 minutes € 60,00 € 72,50


Steven Henry
Kastanjelaan 400 (Strijp-S)
5616 LZ  Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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As you probably have figured out by now or already knew: I'm a bass_clarinet specialist and (film)composer; and physics teacher. I studied clarinet at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg and specialised on bass_clarinet with the world-renowned bass_clarinetist Henri Bok Â. But before I started studying music, I studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology where I graduated in the field of physics.
Although I'm classically trained, I enjoy exploring many musical worlds and technological possibilities; such influences can be heard in my compositions and performances, which often transcend genre definition.

Steven with bass_clarinet and sunglasses
Picture: Diewke van den Heuvel

As a performer I perform as a soloist, combining motion sensor tech with the bass_clarinet, and with various musicians, engineers and ensembles, including popduo Meander, Team HART (TU Eindhoven) and my trio Rodinia.

As a composer I made my first success with "Wals van Fantasie", a composition for concert band, which has been performed in various countries. In May 2016, one of my compositions, "Binary Digits", a work for wind ensemble and percussion regarding the basic computer language, was well received by musicians, press and public. In addition to composing for large ensembles, I also compose works for smaller ensembles and short films.

Since October 2020 I'm the artistic director of the MuST foundation. MuST, founded by myself, organises and supports project in the fields of music, science and technology.

At Microlab at Strijp-S, Eindhoven (NL) I have my own nice studio. This is the place where I experiment, rehearse, work on new composition, make recordings and where I teach (bass) clarinet. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please feel welcome ui to visit me!