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Interview with director/animator Xavier van Delft
Brabants Dagblad, 2 July 2022

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Concert with Rodinia
23 July, 20:45
Festival Fabriek Magnifique
Veghel (NL)

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At the end of 2020 (yes, in the middle of the pandemic) I founded the MuST Foundation (Music, Sciene & Technology).

MuST aims to initiate, support and/or stimulate projects/research in the field of music, science/technology, with an emphasis on creating artistic added value and connecting musicians (composers, performers, etc.) with scientists, engineers, researchers, tinkerers, technicians and other interested parties.

SABRE music technology

At the moment MuST supports the SABRE music technology project I'm working on. SABRE music technology augments the possibilities of the bass clarinet through modern (motion) sensor technology. This combination opens endless new ways to combine traditional acoustical sound with contemporary (digital) electronic techniques. Check out the videos below for some first impressions.

Intro (Black Fanfare) Play Button
Zucht 2 Play Button


Most of my works are published at Sonolize sonolize logo or Sheet Music Plus sheet music plus logo (see list below). For compositions and arrangements that aren't published (yet), please send me an email mail icon.

Since I also compose for film, some of my music can only be enjoyed together with the film on location. The locations are mentioned below the list.

Title Duration Instrumentation Order
Binary Digits 17' Large wind ensemble & percussion
(concert band)
Wals van Fantasie 4' Concert band
arrangement for Clarinet choir
Three Canonic Pieces 7' Reed quintet
Waltz Nr. 2 3'30" Violin, bass clarinet & piano
Danse Macabre
(Camille Saint-Saëns)
7' arrangement for
Reed quintet
String Quartet No. 12
(Antonín Dvořák)
±30' arrangement for
Reed quintet
(Camila Cabello)
3'30" arrangement for
Bass Clarinet quartet
arrangement for
Clarinet quartet
Kiss from a Rose
5' arrangement for
Reed quintet
arrangement for
Clarinet quartet



Compositions & arrangements

play Intro (Black Fanfare)

play Binary Digits (live)

play Wals van Fantasie (live)

play Bass Clarinet Disco Inferno

play Waltz No. 2 (live)

play Havana (Camila Cabello)

play Concertfinale - incl. H.V. HornQuartet by Henny Veters

Live performances & recordings

play Memorias (pedro Iturralde, live)

play Mensch, durf te leven (Dirk Witte)

play Flying in the Wind (Loes Reiling, live)

play Freedom (Racoon)

play Improvisation in an empty loft


Compositions & arrangements

Intro (Black Fanfare) Play Button
Wals van Fantasie Play Button
Three Canonic Pieces Play Button
Havana Play Button

Live performances & recordings

Freedom Play Button
Flying in the Wind Play Button
Zucht 2 Play Button
Aulos Play Button
Havana Play Button
Parliament of Reeds Play Button
Memorias Play Button
Black Play Button
The Kaleidoscopic Pocket Hockets Boogaloo Play Button
Three Canonic Pieces Play Button
Meander Play Button
Lecture Play Button



Rodinia - Fabriek Magnifique
23 July 2022, 20:45 Julianapark, Veghel (NL)
Fabriek Magnifique
Concert by Rodinia at the festival "Fabriek Magnifique".
Rodinia - Private event
27 Aug. 2022 NL
Concert by Rodinia at a private event.
11th European Clarinet Congres
8 Sept. 2022, 12:00 Cracow (PL)
European Clarinet Congres 2022
Performing two bass clarinet classics: Aulos by Ivana Loudová and a Sonata by Luboš Sluka
11th European Clarinet Congres
9 Sept. 2022, 11:00 Cracow (PL)
European Clarinet Congres 2022
A sensor-augmented music performance.
11th European Clarinet Congres
10 Sept. 2022, 17:00 Cracow (PL)
European Clarinet Congres 2022
Concert with the European Clarinet Ensemble.
Lecture & concert regarding Music & Tech
29 Sept. 3 Nov. 2022, 17:45 Kazerne, Eindhoven (NL)
A lecture about music and technology combined with a sensor-augmented music performance.


As you probably already know, I'm an Eindhoven (NL) based clarinet & bass clarinet teacher. I have a private teaching studio in Microlab at Strijp-S. If you want to have a free(!) trial lesson, please contact me (see the "About"-section for contact details).

Duration Under 21 years 21 years and older
30 minutes € 25,00 € 30,00
45 minutes € 37,50 € 45,00
60 minutes € 50,00 € 60,00


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